Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I once heard someone say "Opportunities are like receding hair. You have to clutch on to it when you have enough of it. Once it passes by there is nothing left to hold on to". I missed one such opportunity when i was in my eighth grade. There was this tall, cute gujju girl with luscious lips in my class. I too looked quite cute then.It's not that i am bad now, if only i can find the inclination to shave regularly. Coming back to the story, one fine day when the teacher was absent and everyone was generally lazing around, this girl comes and sits next to me and puts her arm around me. Imagine! Her face next to mine. I can feel her breath. She asks me for a "pappi". Imagine the incredible good fortune! But you see I wasn't as smart then as i am now.
U wouldn't believe what i said to her.
I asked her :"what breed?"
I can't quite remember the look on her face.

[P.S. For those who don't quite understand what pappi means, it is slang in hindi for kiss.]


Gaurav said...

btw where is she these days??

siva said...

I have no clue

Ram said...

Dei ... looks like you are doing a lot of gyaan-baanting this days. When r u coming to this part of the world next?

Can you allow non-blogger users to post comments? There must be some category that is neither "blogger user" nor "anonymous" (like "others"). Would help wordpress users like me.

Leoraja said...

dai.. how do you think you would react if it happens today?

siva said...

well i must be really daft if i miss an opportunity second time round.

Lalith Krishnan said...

was this roopa or pushpa? (if that's their names)...i still remember you boasting to us, about the one liner :) the days of all our nerdy chauvinistic glory!!! cool blog btw

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious!

- DG